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me: *fucks up something simple i've done a thousand times before*
me: someone must be looking at me

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reeeally not looking forward to work tomorrow, but i have to look at it this way: i only have to work for four out of the next 72 hours. that’s not bad at all.

flies are God’s way of making me smack myself in the face when I’m being stupid

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facebook statuses are so inane it hurts my soul sometimes.

if only it weren’t the best way to stalk people online i would ride my high horse out of there.

but there are SO MANY PICTURES of people who are prettier than me

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just a friendly reminder to never ever say “well at least things can’t get any worse”

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people in the other room: *laugh* *generally have a good time*
me: shut up i can't hear my show

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sometimes i open a new tab and my computer just freezes and i panic for a minute because i haven’t saved anything and i have 12 tabs open and i start trying to memorize them before my computer crashes but then it unfreezes and loads and i go merrily on doing exactly what i was doing before

why are drummers so much sexier than everyone else

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i miss having my own place

like, i would really just like to drink with my friends

and possibly be persuaded to do something stupid

and have someone stay the night just cause

i would like to have a pet that isn’t a fish

and be able to decorate how i please

and not have to worry about someone putting the roll of toilet paper on backwards

because pooping is traumatizing enough without having to deal with that

i would like to forget to vacuum

and get tense about the shitty country music that i can only kind of hear

and spend days avoiding everyone

but secretly be glad they care

i miss having my own place

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do you ever start watching a show that you’d never admit to even starting and suddenly it’s twelve episodes and several hours later and you know there’s no going back?

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